Marketing ServicesMPS Marketing Solutions is a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs, from internet marketing to direct mail, we offer an array of options for marketing yourself, your product, your event, or your company.

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MPS stands for Maddy’s Print Shop

Maddy’s is first and foremost a printer, but as we have expanded we have become a digital marketing company too. Now we offer a full range of marketing solutions. Therefore we have created the MPsmarketingsolutions.com website, detailing various services that belong on a separate site from our print services website.

We are physically located in Fort Lauderdale. (That’s where our print shop is.)

We work in conjunction with a variety of service providers to handle a variety of work. This allows us to provide a range of services beyond the capabilities of a typical small company with just a few employees, while maintaining the small, mom-and-pop feel that our customers love so much.

If you’re looking for a company with an open door policy, you’ve found one. You can feel free to stop by and discuss possibilities with us any time, or you can call to get your company rolling or just discuss ideas. 954-749-0440